The gentlemen

by Pichet klunchun


The gentlemen นายใน

by Pichet Klunchun

Performed: Pichetklunchun Dance Company dancers

60 minutes



Choreographer/Director: Pichet Klunchun

Sunon Wachirawarakarn, Dancers: Porramet Maneerat, Padung Jumpan, Jirayus Puatput

Dramaturg: Orada Lelanuj

Costumes Design: Piyaporn Bhongse-tong

Sound Design: Hiroshi Iguchi

Production Manager: Sojirat Singholka

Computer Engineer (for costumes and props)

Edutainment & Socio-Interaction Computing (ESIC) LAB Computer Engineering Department King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Thailand,

Songs used in Gentlemen

Loke Nee Kue Lakorn (karaoke reading) translating to All the world’s a stage

Music/Lyrics Paiboon Budkhun

Singer Suthep Wongkamhaeng (singing version)

Piano Kantakan Sankhavanija (piano version)

Music “Up Up Up”:  Kittipong Tamsuay KAZZ



 Gentlemen is inspired by a story from the quote from the book Nay Nai “When women were not welcomed in the royal court, who replaced Nang Nai (ladies-in-waiting)?”

Through classical and contemporary dance styled in the high-energy format, Gentlemen sets out to investigate male-female roles nowadays and the training process of how men and women today aiming to reach the apex of power and influence. While everyone wants to be the best, they forget about “gentleness, rules, manners and moral”.  

This performance was originally a commission and produced and presented by TheatreWorks, Singapore in 2014. 


World Premiere: TheatreWorks, Singapore in 2014.