Pichet Klunchun Dance Company was founded by Pichet Klunchun, an independent solo dance artist and international choreographer who is competent in Thai Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Choreography.  Pichet saw the importance of a professional standard for dancers in the Western world while he was working in America and Europe.  With his international working experiences and desire to establish a professional standard, Pichet founded Pichet Klunchun Dance Company to create pure art performance and to train a number of young-blood professional dancers with strong Thai classical dance backgrounds.



  • To develop understanding of Thai Classical Dance at the international level (to be able to be understood in all cultures) in terms of both the art itself and the performance)

  • To change the unproductive attitude toward Thai Classical Dance among new generations and to create a pride and faith in Thai Classical Dance

  • To be the intermediary connecting old philosophy and beliefs from the past with the real world in the present time

  • To develop the human body, brain, and creativity by professional, systematic training to attain an international standard.


Pichet Klunchun strongly believes that Thai Classical Dance will be able to integrate and thence to evolve alongside CompanywithDance the present society.  Based on our skill and competence in the performing arts, Pichet Klunchun Dance Company is ready to produce on-going creative Thai performances to support the national performing arts and to emphasize our pride in our culture for the benefit of society.  We will write a history of the success of Thai dance in the future.